Financial Education

We all have gone to Schools,Colleges & Universities, we have learned many subjects which we are not applying it in our day to day life. The most Important subject we should teach our young generation is FINANCE MANAGEMENT.

We all have read or heard that 99% of the world population is either middle class or poor, only 1% is Rich. The question is WHY & HOW. This 1% of population knows how to manage their Finance & How the money can work for them instead they themselves working for the money. If we are working for the money it’s RAT RACE & if our money is working for us it’s FAST TRACK.

The question is where we want to be ? The Rat Race or the Fast Track.

How can we do it ? From the Rat Race to the Fast Track.

If you are interested to know more about it Follow me & the discussion will continue with the right solution.

Sadiq Muraj.


You,Me & Us

Sadiq Muraj (Major):

Assalamun alaykum community members,

Alhamdullilhah by the grace of Allah (swt) my father and I have been blessed with the task of gathering funds for our new mosque in Birmingham UK, which most of you know as the Abbasi Islamic centre. I make a humble appeal to all of you to help us in building this mosque by donating generously towards this noble cause. Below is the official website for the project which highlights all the information regarding this mosque and also has multiple methods of donating. I urge everyone to please help us in raising funds by either signing up to standing orders (any amount) or purchasing a brick for your marhumeens at the cost of £200 (payments can be spread out over 10 months ) or making a one off donation. All donations are very much appreciated by ourself , The Imam of our time and most importantly by Allah (swt). If anyone has any questions please contact us directly. Finally I make a final plea to all ,please please help us by donating on the below website link. May Allah bless you for your generosity , ease all your problems and give the highest positions in Jannah to your marhumeens.

Please forward this message to others. Jazakallah.

Nasir Sadiq Muraj.